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It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Why do people come for therapy?

What is Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP)?

Our bodies know more about our experiences and the things that have happened to us in our lives than our words can express or our memories can hold.

Sometimes our bodies speak to us by way of symptoms or somatized energy. Usually we remain unaware of what is held in our bodies. If we could reveal and process this information it may be possible to enrich our lives.

PBSP is a gentle and powerful body based psychotherapeutic approach. The method is very structured, it follows the client completely and is very respectful.

“We are made to be able to be happy in an imperfect world” Al Pesso

The basis of PBSP is that our birthright is to enjoy lives of pleasure, satisfaction, meaning, and connectedness.

We come into the world equipped with the wisdom of successful living since the dawn of life – it’s encoded in our DNA.

However, we rely on interactions with our caregivers to fully become ourselves.

If these interactions didn’t meet our needs we have unfinished business that can shape our very perception of the world.

Why do people come for therapy?
Why do people come for therapy?

What is the effect of unmet needs?

The pressure of unmet needs influences and distorts present day perception and behaviour, causing us to selectively attend to events and figures in the present that APPEAR to promise satisfaction of those basic needs.

Where our basic needs have not been met by the right people at the right age, then we seek satisfaction indirectly and unconsciously with others – friends, teachers, employers, ministers, marriage partners – potentially distorting and overloading those relationships.

Instead of pleasure we may experience pain, instead of satisfaction we may experience frustration, instead of meaning we may experience despair, and instead of connectedness we may experience alienation. Any of this sound familiar?

The good news is:

We come into this world packed with information about what we need to become ourselves. We may not get it, and of course we survive, but somewhere deep inside we know what would have been ideal for us.

A PBSP therapy session (called a structure) uses gentle and respectful processes refined over decades by Al Pesso and his wife Diane Boyden-Pesso to bring our unmet needs into awareness.

Then, using our imagination (and sometimes other people if the process is done in a group) we construct a new memory (what we call an antidote) that is a better fit to what you really needed.

Why do people come for therapy?
Why do people come for therapy?

Releasing the grip of the past

Once our soul’s wishes have been met in the intractive way we needed, many people report feeling a kind of internal settling or spaciousness.

As if a small tear in the fabric of our being has been repaired.

Below is a video of Al Pesso talking about PBSP. It is in five parts and lasts about 50 minutes in total.

Below is an 8 minute video by Juliet Grayson with some testimonials.

Below is a 3 minute video by Bessel Van Der Kolk about his view on Pesso Boyden therapy.